Today in the city Hugo 25.06.2017
Watch the moment a high-pressure water pipe explodes leaving a six-square-metre hole in the ground

CCTV captured the moment a high-pressure underground water pipe exploded in Ukraine, leaving a huge crater in the ground.In the video, tarmac is seen flying everywhere as the water pressure becomes to...

3 Centenarian Sisters Honored at Ohio High School Graduation

Three centenarian sisters have been honored at the final graduation ceremony of the high school they attended.

Mother Files Complaint After Her Son's Arrest at Logan High

The mother of a high school student who was arrested in West Virginia has filed a complaint saying her son was later diagnosed with pain and deep bruising at the emergency room.

Members of Motorcycle Gang Indicted for High-Tech Auto Theft

Authorities in San Diego have indicted nine members of a motorcycle gang known as the Hooligans, alleging they stole more than 150 Jeep Wranglers as part of a high-tech auto-theft ring.

Check out this new footage of Larry Page's Kitty Hawk Flyer zipping around a lake

The Larry Page-backed Kitty Hawk Flyer isn't quite the flying car we were hoping for — but the footage above proves the craft could make the power of flight more accessible than ever (if you can...

Intel’s New Processors Are Built For the High-Powered Future of PCs

The Core i9 has 18 cores, 36 threads, and looks a whole lot like where the PC industry's headed. The post Intel’s New Processors Are Built For the High-Powered Future of PCs appeared first on WIRED.

The Nashville Predators Are Making Hockey Great Again

We're far removed from the Golden Age of the NHL, but the Stanley Cup finalist Preds have the skills and swag to make you care about hockey again.

Stephen Miller reportedly gave a middle school friend a list of reasons why they couldn't be pals in high school, including that he was Latino

President Trump's senior adviser, Stephen Miller, was "radicalized" long before ever jumping on Trump and Stephen Bannon's wagon, Miller's former high school and college classmates told Vanity Fair. "...

Teachers Rally at East Hartford High School

Teachers are planning a protest outside a Connecticut high school after Education Secretary Betsy DeVos referred to the school as a "dangerous daycare.".

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